From Order to Output:
Seamless Integration for Small to Mid-Size Manufacturers.
Proven Value in Just 8 Weeks!

Unlock the potential of next-generation manufacturing with our integrated Order and Production Management SaaS. Designed specifically for small to mid-sized industry companies, our solution bridges the gap between traditional processes and modern efficiency. Experience a blend of innovation and simplicity, tailored to fit both tech-savvy and beginner users. Plus, with our promise of unparalleled value, witness transformative results in just 8 weeks or get your money back. Dive into a world of productivity and witness savings of at least 250 hours. Your journey to streamlined production starts here.

Micro / Start-up

£300 / Monthly

  • Fixed Price for 5 or less licences
  • Remote Onboarding & Training
  • Live Support Channel
  • Access all features
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Small Business

£500 / Monthly

  • Fixed price for 6-10 licences
  • Monthly On Site Support
  • Live Support Channel
  • Access all features
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Additional Users

£45 / per Active user Monthly

  • Self management of licenced users
  • Prorated Charges (We don't charge for unused licences) 
  • Suited to businesses with up to 50 Users


  • Suited for businesses with larger teams (Minimum 50 Users)
  • Custom pricing
  • Weekly On Site Support
  • Access to product roadmap
  • Private Cloud or On Prem deployment options
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Onboarding Fees and Professional Services

For every project we charge for our implementation package that covers configuration, training, onboarding and initial go live support. These packages start at £3,000+VAT

Our pricing is designed with your growth in mind. Start small, with minimal users, allowing you to experience our platform’s potential without heavy capital commitments. As your confidence and needs grow, easily scale up by adding more users. The beauty of our tiered approach is that as you expand your user base, the average cost per user drops, maximizing your return on investment. This ensures you’re always getting optimal value, whether you’re just beginning or fully embedded in our system. Dive in with minimal risk and discover the cost-effective solution tailored to your journey

What are your current processes costing your business

Assuming an average salary of £20,000 for your team, here is how much of their salary is wasted on non value add activities. This also excludes any impacts your current processes have on your capacity and ability to cope with increased periods of demand

0 Minutes
Wasted Per Day Per Person
£ 0
Wasted per Month per person
Team Members of your team
£ 0
In wasted productivity per year

This is why our customers love Wipflo.io

“In time efficiencies alone, Wipflo has delivered a positive return on Investment and the Wipflo development team are always on hand to help improve the system on an ongoing basis”

Since implementing Wipflo, our Sheet Metal Fabrication customer is seeing +800 hours of productivity savings annually across Order, Production, Delivery and Accounting processes

“We have increased productivity whilst automating all manual tasks throughout our process saving us around 5 days of our time a month.”

Our customer who specialises in the application of protective and decorative coatings for all interior and exterior joinery products has been using Wipflo to save almost 500 hours in productivity per year

Our client companies are already realising thousands of hours of gained productivity annually, When will you?

Why it makes sense to work with us: