Honestly now, is this how you want your team spending their time on a day to day basis?

Your current Processes and systems are costing you!

Using Spreadsheets and Paper for tracking various parts of your operations is unnecessary wastage of skilled workers time

Are you feeling stuck??

Even though you know there has to be a a better way out there?

But when you do your research, “better” looks complicated, over priced, high risk??
Has a Sales Rep ever said any of the following to you?

What are Spreadsheets, Manual Processes and Repetitive Tasks costing your business

Assuming an average salary of £20,000 for your team, here is how much of their salary is wasted on non value add activities. This also excludes any impacts your current processes have on your capacity and ability to cope with increased periods of demand

0 Minutes
Wasted Per Day Per Person
£ 0
Wasted per Month per person
Team Members of your team
£ 0
In wasted productivity per year

Getting Started with Wipflo

1. Set up your Business

Set up your business and user account in 1 easy Step. This will give you access to the Wipflo Dashboard. Contact the team to set up your account

2. Create a Sales Order

At Wipflo we call it a Sales Order, but this is where you add all the details associated with a Customers Order. We can then create associated Production Orders, Deliveries and Invoices all from within the 1 screen

3. Define Production Workflows

You can create a library of reusable workflows used to produce your products, or simply define a custom workflow using the visualisation tool within the Sales Order. 

4. Create a Manufacturing or Production Order

Once you have confirmed the Order and the Process in which you will produce it, create a production order (sometimes called a “Work Traveller”, “Job”, “Job Pack” or “Manufacturing Order) which will be used to track the status of the items throughout the shop floor

Once you start the Production Order, a digital work Traveller will be issued to the Operator Portal 

5. Track Production Progress

Using the Cloud based Portal, Operators can update the status of each Production Order or move the Production Order through the series of defined steps for that operation. This is a cloud based tool and fully responsive to tablet and mobile

6. Connect and Automate

Wipflo.io has integrations with all major Accounting Software Packages (Including Sage50 hosted on premise). 

Combined with no-code automation tools like Zapier and Make.com, we can automate most manual data entry tasks, freeing your teams time to do more productive tasks

This is why our customers love Wipflo.io

“In time efficiencies alone, Wipflo has delivered a positive return on Investment and the Wipflo development team are always on hand to help improve the system on an ongoing basis”

Since implementing Wipflo, our Sheet Metal Fabrication customer is seeing +800 hours of productivity savings annually across Order, Production, Delivery and Accounting processes

“We have increased productivity whilst automating all manual tasks throughout our process saving us around 5 days of our time a month.”

Our customer who specialises in the application of protective and decorative coatings for all interior and exterior joinery products has been using Wipflo to save almost 500 hours in productivity per year

Our client companies are already realising thousands of hours of gained productivity annually, When will you?

Why it makes sense to work with us:

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